Why are mixers so expensive?

Why are mixers so expensive?


Why are mixers so expensive? As the saying goes, you get what you get for every penny, good things are not cheap, and cheap things are not good. Everyone understands this truth, but today’s customers are blindly thinking about cheapness, but they must know that the maintenance in the future will be even worse. Today, they are not selling mixers and dispersers, but services.

Nowadays, with the continuous updating and development of technology, equipment technology is becoming more and more perfect and mature, and it is no longer a secret in chemical mixing equipment technology. And today’s market service industry already occupies a large proportion, and is it not going to develop towards automation now? It is conceivable that after-sales service is the most important.

Where is it expensive? This question is a bit like the previous one, but it has other aspects. One is the price of raw materials because we focus on the production of chemical equipment such as kneaders, planetary mixers, powerful dispersers, reactors, mixers, ribbon mixers, etc., the raw materials are generally carbon steel and stainless steel. Since the strengthening of environmental protection efforts last year, the price of stainless steel has been rising, and it has only recently fallen back. This is the price of raw materials on the one hand.

What is next? It is labor, so have you ever thought about how many processes a piece of equipment has to do? Just producing parts is a lot better. Presumably, everyone will say that there are no CNC machine tools now? So convenient. Yes, today’s CNC machines replace labor, it just speeds up production. In addition, large-scale equipment such as a kneader, strong disperser, and ribbon mixer are non-standard equipment, which is completed by welding, assembly, and polishing.