Why is rhythm heaven fever so expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

Why Is Rhythm Heaven Fever So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

Why is rhythm heaven fever so expensive? Rhythm Heaven Fever is a game exclusive to the Nintendo Wii console. It was released in Japan on June 31, 2009, and in North America on April 5, 2009. With its Japanese release more than 5 years ago and availability outside of Japan since its North American release nearly 8 years ago, one may wonder why Rhythm Heaven Fever is still such a popular item online.

This blog post will go into detail about the top 10 reasons why Rhythm Heaven Fever remains so expensive today. Many factors contribute to the high price of this video game for sale among resellers including rarity, niche market popularity, and special edition status just to name a few.

Top-10 Reasons Why Rhythm Heaven Fever Is still One of the Most Expensive Nintendo Games on the Market

Reason 1: Largely Limited to Japan and Asia

It’s available for purchase in various retailers, but one may never find it in stores within their country of residence. This means that a consumer will most likely have to rely on online auction and trading websites when searching for a copy of Rhythm Heaven Fever as well as online retail stores such as Amazon, eBay, etc. Finding a game in wholesale or bulk quantity is an extremely rare occurrence – especially within the United States due to the high import taxes and fees discussed later on.

Reason 2: Unique Integration with the Nintendo Wii Massively Multiplayer Online-Game Network (Miiverse)

When this game was first released, there was no other game that integrated with the popular Nintendo Wii network such as its user-entered Miiverse community feature. Miiverse is a social networking tool that allows users to leave comments and messages in response to a variety of announcements, posts, and events that take place on the network. This function is also available when viewing posts from other users in which they can respond by drawing or writing an illustration or even simply illustrating an item being used or touted.

Reason 3: Offbeat Humor and Japanese Culture

Rhythm Heaven Fever is a game designed to appeal to more mature audiences than most other games that Nintendo has released. There are references and jokes in this game that anyone who lives outside of Japan will likely never fully understand. Many of the visual gags as well as the punchline of several jokes have a heavy focus on Japanese pop culture (even though they are presented with humorous English subtitles). The geographical region in which this game was made in Japan could be one reason why the humor has to do with only the country of origin.

Reason 4: Limited Availability Outside of Japan and Asia

This game was only released in Japan and Asia until its availability outside of Japan. This is another reason why Rhythm Heaven Fever is so expensive due to the limited amount that is found even passing through the hands of resellers. A person’s chances of finding one in the wild are nearly non-existent outside of Asian markets as well as through online auction and trading websites such as eBay.com or Amazon.com – especially within the United States which heavily taxes exports from other countries.

Reason 5: High Import Fees and Taxes

In addition to export restrictions, purchasing games from other countries also has a high cost associated with importing them into the United States. The United States has some of the highest import taxes and fees in the world. The game must be physically shipped to a U.S. port, which costs more than $50 in shipping (more than double the cost of shipping from Japan). The purchaser is then required to pay an additional tax (from $10-14) on top of the original cost of the purchase. For example, if a Japanese consumer wants to purchase Rhythm Heaven Fever from an online retailer such as Amazon, they would need to pay an additional $26 fee on top of what they paid for it in Japan – totaling more than $48! This high cost will prevent many individuals from purchasing this game due to its high price tag today.

Reason 6: Role-Playing Game Style of Gameplay

Rhythm Heaven Fever is a rhythm game that pairs five different mini-games together to create a role-playing game (RPG) style of gameplay. The available mini-games each have their plot, characters, and gimmicks. Some are easy while some are very hard to complete. There are set sequences and patterns to follow throughout each minigame that the player must break to successfully obtain the ending sequence. Each minigame is unique in its plot, characters, and gameplay such as “Guitar Hero” style games and “Mario Party” style games combined into one video game.

Reason 7: Hard to Find Online Stores, Lists, and Guides

Finding Rhythm Heaven Fever online can be very challenging as there are many hard-to-find or non-existent websites that list the game for sale. The game does not have a website where it may be purchased directly from the publisher. In addition, most online resellers are rare themselves and do not provide online guides or lists of items for sale (such as those found on eBay). Most resellers will only sell a handful of copies of each title – if they have any at all.

Reason 8: Special-Edition Status

Rhythm Heaven Fever is one of the few games that has a special edition. The special edition was released in Japan and contains a copy of the game, a DVD with additional content, an art book, and a soundtrack CD. There are not as many copies of these special editions in circulation because they were only released in Japan and Asia. This makes it all the rarer than Rhythm Heaven Fever itself.

Reason 9: Original Price Tag and No Inflation to Date

Rhythm Heaven Fever was first released at the original suggested retail price (SRP). It was never offered for sale for less than its original SRP. This means that the price tag of Rhythm Heaven Fever will always remain unchanged. The value of the dollar from 2007 to 2014 (inflation) has decreased by 2.6%. This means that today, Rhythm Heaven Fever costs 12% more than it did in 2007 when it first came out.

Reason 10: The Low Production Quantity

Nintendo has always been a company that bases its production quantities as well as its sales on the anticipated demand for any of its products. Their guidelines state to produce as many copies as necessary to meet the demand. Since Rhythm Heaven Fever only sold 35,000 copies in its first two weeks of release in Japan, Nintendo has decided not to manufacture any more copies outside of Japan. Thus, the limited number of available copies is because Nintendo does not want to make any more copies of this game. Nintendo will only produce more copies if there is enough demand for it to be profitable again.

So there you have it, the top 10 reasons why rhythm heaven fever is so expensive. If you found this article helpful, please share it with whoever might find it interesting as well. I hope this was able to answer your question about why rhythm heaven fever is so expensive. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Rhythm Heaven Fever?

Rhythm Heaven Fever is a Rhythm game for the Nintendo Wii. The goal of the game is for players to connect to the rhythm of an upbeat soundtrack and accurately follow its patterns by tapping, swiping, or clapping on beat throughout each song. Players are rewarded with from one to three stars whenever they succeed on a stage depending on how accurately they play. Each stage has four different objectives each with a different level of difficulty. To complete a stage, players must play through all four levels of the objective in one go without missing any beats and must receive at least one star on all four levels. The game is divided into five stages that are each represented by a character that is related to the songs in that stage. In stages set to the same character, every time players play it they will notice something different than before, whether it’s a new song or an added challenge.

How hard is Rhythm Heaven Fever?

Rhythm Heaven Fever is considered a hard game because, although it is only a rhythm game, it is pretty unforgiving about mistakes that you make, and can be very hard if you do not know how to play on the beat. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of effort before you will be able to complete the game without any faults. There are three different levels of difficulty in each objective, with level one being considered the easiest and level three being considered the hardest. If players reach level three, then they will have to start all over again. The first time a player reaches stage one and completes it, they will receive an easy start. The second time they’ll receive an extra-hard star. The third time, they will receive the hardest star in the game, which is called the “Ultimate Star”. This means that if you can accomplish this yourself, then you are truly a master of Rhythm Heaven Fever and can do anything!

Is Wii worth buying in 2021?

The kids will enjoy using this console. With many games to pick from and the Wii Sports online gaming site, there is something for everyone in this game console. But be sure you have enough money to buy it since it’s not cheap. As of right now, the average price tag is more like $250 which is a steep price to pay for someone who just wants a fun way to play with their family.

The graphics are just as good as the new Playstation 4 and XBOX One. The graphics for this console are outstanding. With the way you can personalize your Wii, it’s a great way to show off your personality. If you have kids, this might be a huge selling point since they will love seeing their name on the screen and in the game. The games range from fun to competitive and there is something for everyone here. even if it is a little pricey.

The Wii is a great gaming system and it is worth the price. You might be able to find it on sale or you can use freebies and rewards to buy this game console for less. Do your research and try to get a good deal if you can. This game was made for people who want a small, compact system that works well and has lots of games on it.