Why is torva so expensive?

Why Is Torva So Expensive?


Why is torva so expensive? Torva armor is made using the same materials as Tetsu and daora, yet it’s the most expensive. That’s not just because it has a higher defense than any other armor in-game – it’s also partially because of how hard to acquire it is. Torva armor requires 90 Defence and 90 Smithing to create, which takes a ton of time and resources.

For anyone who doesn’t have access to all those skills, buying torva might be the only way to get hold of this fantastic set of gear at such a high cost.

The best way to make torva armor yourself is to get a POH clay furnace and use it to smith iron bars, then add a gold strip to create torva armor. However, this might give off some criticism from those who have bought it from the market already. There are other ways of getting hold of torva armor; you can buy it with real-life money or trade with other players, but the price will always be high especially if you’re out of range of any Buy & Sell offers.

The reason why torva armor is so expensive lies in its materials requirement. To make torva, players would have to mine very large amounts of iron ore, mine large amounts of coal and smelt the iron bars using a furnace. To make it even more difficult, Torva armor requires 90 Defence and 90 Smithing to create – making it the most difficult armor in ”[[Runescape]]”.

Torva is also not just expensive but rare. You may not be able to find an entire set of torva armor in any one place – you can only find enough for a single or two items. This is partly because of its high requirements, but also because almost no one has the skill required to create it themselves.