The 10 Most Expensive Baby Stroller

The 10 Most Expensive Baby Stroller

A stroller is a tool cart designed for the convenience of the baby’s outdoor activities. It is the baby’s favorite means of walking, and it is also a must for mothers when they take their babies to the street for shopping.

At present, the more expensive baby stroller brands include Wikider baby stroller, Stokke baby stroller, Inglesina baby stroller, Aprica baby stroller, Combi baby stroller, Silver Cross baby stroller, GRACO baby stroller, Emmaljunga baby stroller, Quinny baby stroller, Air Buggy baby stroller and so on.

These are the more expensive brands in the Netherlands, Sweden, Britain, Japan, the United States, and other developed countries, loved by the upper class, the powerful and noble people.

Today, I will introduce you to the ten most expensive baby strollers.

Baby Stroller Name Baby Stroller Price
Bugaboo by Diesel
Bugaboo Retrospective by Andy Warhol
The Roddler $3,500
Versace Book Plus Stroller $4,000
Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 2 $4,690
Young Versace Quilted Travel System
Pram Plated with Gold
Baby Dior Stroller $9,000
Kylie Jenner Fendi Stroller $12,500
Silver Cross Rose Gold Balmoral Pram

After the military and denim collections, Bugaboo collaborated with Diesel, a global iconic brand with an unrestrained attitude, to launch the third and final collection – Bugaboo by Diesel Rock Collection. The collection is based on the theme of “rock”, one of Diesel’s three design genes, and once again showcases the brand’s bold and distinctive personality.

The new special collaboration stroller is just like the Bugaboo Bee3, featuring the Bugaboo Bee3 custom-made carrycot set and the Bugaboo by Diesel large sleeping bag. Bugaboo by Diesel’s Rock ‘n’ Roll stroller features a leather finish and rock ‘n’ roll studs, making this upcoming line of cool strollers the ultimate in “untamed” living.

This special edition children’s stroller is all black and features leather-look handlebars and a sizable number of rivets, making it a true rocker. For parents who love rock and roll and want to shine above the crowd, Bugaboo by Diesel’s Rock and Roll collection is the perfect stroller for kids.

Bugaboo Retrospective by Andy Warhol

Bugaboo Retrospective by Andy Warhol

Bugaboo is a high-end Dutch mother and baby brand officially founded in 1999 and is the only one of many brands that have an independent factory.

His family’s first multifunctional stroller for young parents to bring the convenience of travel, and Bugaboo all strollers have a reasonable design, intuitive performance characteristics, all seats are designed with ergonomics, so that the seat more help the baby’s spine development, so that the baby sits more comfortable.

To meet the needs of different consumer groups, Bugaboo also designed a variety of different types of children’s strollers, widely favored by consumers.

At the forefront of the times, Bugaboo has been pursuing cross-border cooperation with world-renowned designers, artists, and brands to push the boundaries of innovation. The constant experimentation in product appearance and function has attracted many fans in the fashion world.

From Van Gogh Art Gallery to the famous brand Marc Jacobs, from the personality clothing designer Bas Kosters to the international clothing brand Diesel, there is only what you can’t think of, there is no crossover co-branding that Bugaboo can’t manage.

The above picture is a limited edition baby carriage launched by Bugaboo in collaboration with the father of pop art – Andy Warhol’s Visual Arts Foundation. The designer printed a whole banana pattern on the canopy of the stroller, which is perfectly combined with the black stand of the body.

This banana pattern is the cover design of the 1966 “Velvet Underground & Nico” rock record, such cross-border cooperation conveys the concept of encouraging babies to face the challenges of life, always energetic and vigorous.

For families with babies, baby strollers bind parents, children, and the whole family together for those precious moments of travel. Choosing a safe and bright baby stroller for your baby is a way to protect and care for your child.

From product features to brand reputation, parents must have a comprehensive understanding to make the right choice, as the industry’s god-level existence, from the lightweight travel Ant to the luxury space Donkey, Bugaboo perfect product line to meet the parents for a stroller all expectations!

The Roddler

The Roddler

Strollers in the general impression of the use of cute design, when the road has three wheels of the stroller passed, people are often curious to look inside, want to see the baby’s appearance. And did you know that the world has such a super luxurious design of the senior stroller?

The designer incorporated the design of modern cars, using space materials to make it look like a supercar. Stainless steel metal parts, high-quality leather surface, adjustable handle, and rich and bright color options, this “The Roddler” with its exquisite details and handcrafted design, has been called the “Lamborghini” stroller. You can’t find another stroller more suitable for a handsome mother wearing sunglasses.

“The Roddler” uses the popular shed design of the 1980s, to be able to manage such a fashionable stroller, it seems that the mother should also be well dressed before going out. This “The Roddler” price of about $ 3,500, for the average family should only be out of reach.

Versace Book Plus Stroller

Versace Book Plus Stroller

The Versace Modular System, Book Plus, is offered at the upscale Harrods department store. The set includes a stroller, bassinet, and matching travel bag and comes in two variations. One is a bold rock ‘n’ roll style in black neoprene and patent, and the other is in white synthetic leather.

The Book Plus offers the opportunity to position the seat in two positions: with the child’s face toward the mother or with the child facing straight ahead.

This system also features a hood and rain cover, adjustable back and leg rest, five-point seat belts, and cup holders. This $4,000 Versace modular system, Book Plus, also features a Navetta XL bassinet with a windbreaker and carrying handle, and an Aggie quilted Boston bag with a replacement mat and removable shoulder belt.

Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 2

Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 2

Aston Martin, as the world is known, is known worldwide for its convertible station wagons, racing cars, and limited production sports cars. This time it is also a car, also open, but it is a baby stroller, a luxury baby stroller made by Aston Martin in collaboration with a famous British manufacturer called “Silver Cross”.

Since 1877, the Silver Cross stroller, in the British royal family well received, in the Hollywood film and or music videos, this stroller is often seen.

This limited edition luxury baby stroller, no, ultra-luxury baby stroller, the overall body is all handmade, any of the details of the body and materials, from Aston Martin’s top sports car ONE-77, can be seen, Alcantara leather seat upholstery, top leather one-hand handle, anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy wheels, Aston Martin’s feather logo, ultra-light metal alloy baby carriage chassis.

In addition, more jaw-dropping is the adoption of ONE-77-like air resistance suspension design, with dust protection cover, effective obstruction of harmful particles in the air; cold and waterproof package body foot cover; one-hand adjustable three-position backrest, to give the baby in the car, whether sitting, lying, or lying down the most comfortable ride experience.

Aluminum alloy wheels, solid rear tires, a combination of durable large low-profile design, shock absorption and shock absorption effect is very obvious as if ONE-77 general. Removable design, easy to complete the combination and disassembly of the whole car in 5-10 seconds, in addition to the bottom of the car or indispensable storage basket can be placed all-weather seasonal stroller accessories.

Young Versace Quilted Travel System

Young Versace Quilted Travel System

Versace is an Italian luxury brand that uses the Greek mythology of Medusa, the serpent-haired siren, as its spiritual symbol, representing fatal attraction. The bright colors on the clothes are inspired by ancient civilizations such as Greece, Egypt, and India. Versace carries clothing, fragrances, eyewear, ties, leather goods, bags, porcelain, glassware, scarves, down products, furniture products, and more.

The Young Versace White Quilted Travel System is a top-of-the-line stroller that includes an infant car seat, a seat base, and a stroller. The Travel System has two main benefits:

  • It can be used from the time the baby is born and every time the baby leaves the house, without having to wake him/her up, the infant seat can be installed directly from the car to the stroller.
  • The travel system includes both a seat and a stroller, so it may be more cost-effective to buy them together.

When your baby is very young and often sleeps peacefully in the car bassinet, the travel system may be ideal. Once the baby is 6 months old and has the head and neck support strength to sit upright and the baby bassinet won’t fit the baby, you can start using other strollers that are suitable for older babies.

Pram Plated with Gold

Pram Plated with Gold

This is a very “extravagant” stroller, an absolute masterpiece, saying that it is the prince car/princess car / little emperor car of many people.

The whole body is gold-plated, and even the wheels are gold glitter. However, the feeling of magnificent surplus, but not beautiful enough – gold and blue with but look tacky. And because it is gold-plated, and miso bright, may not be too good for BB vision development.

So expensive, will anyone buy it? The answer is: there are!

In 1877, when this baby carriage was exhibited in the famous Harrods department store in England, an unknown businessman from South Africa bought it. Have to sigh, rich people are generous!

Baby Dior Stroller

Baby Dior Stroller

With the birth and growth of children, a stroller that can free hands and shoulders has become a must-have tool for every parent to go out, and its importance is no less than an ordinary car.

When buying a stroller, in addition to following the practical selection principle, the appearance design is also a major factor in making parents and children feel comfortable and treating visual touch with appropriate aesthetics.

This is a baby stroller launched by the French fashion brand Dior children’s clothing in cooperation with the “Rolls-Royce of the stroller world” – Italy’s Inglesina. This stroller not only reflects the essence of the brand’s design but also has a variety of functions.

The stroller is a durable material, and the awning can effectively block sunlight and rain. The built-in natural bamboo fiber upholstery and innovative air circulation system provide a comfortable environment for the baby lying inside. The height that can be easily adjusted and the pulleys that can be rotated smoothly provide parents with a relaxed experience, making “walking the baby” no longer a drudgery.

Travel in style for baby boys and girls ages 1-36 months for $9,000.

Kylie Jenner Fendi Stroller

Fendi Stroller

Kylie Jenner is a beauty mogul, a social media queen, the youngest billionaire to start from nothing, and although her daughter, the lovely Stormi Webster, knows nothing about it yet, she is already living the life some of us will always dream of: more specifically, a life worth millions of dollars. Stormi is a gorgeous inexpensive item that only the social elite can afford, and her stroller is a custom Fendi stroller model worth $12,500!

Silver Cross Rose Gold Balmoral Pram

Silver Cross Rose Gold Balmoral Pram

Silver Cross is a baby seat brand from the United Kingdom, founded by British engineer William Wilson in 1877 in Yorkshire, England. Its products have been well received in the British royal family, and now Silver Cross is synonymous with the British royal family brand.

In 2013, Princess Kate continued to choose Silver Cross for Prince George, while the entertainment industry is also hot, accumulating a lot of Hollywood actress fans, Jay Chou and Kun Ling also their little princess picked Silver Cross most famous classic four-wheeled lay-flat stroller style.

This is the most expensive baby stroller in the world. This Silver Cross iconic design stroller is handmade, even the details of the workmanship are impeccable. The overall metal structure is very sturdy, half canopy design and protection of the reclining baby seat cover; below you can put the mommy bag with the handle to operate the brake system, very convenient for street use.

There are Americana user reviews as the city’s stroller near home or a walk in the local park, very perfect. Materials used: the choice of high gloss solid wood handle, chrome spokes wheel, comfortable soft cushion. Overall size: 46 x 30 x 37 inches, can lie down or sit, can be used from birth. The disadvantage is that it can not be folded.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What stroller do Kardashians use?

Kohler Kardashian posted the picture on his Instagram of the baby stroller is NUNA MIXX. The filter used makes the whole picture cute and loving. From the interaction of the two babies, it can be seen that this baby stroller is very stable and the leather is very stable. The handle has excellent texture.

2. Why is bugaboo so expensive?

Bugaboo is a lightweight stroller, so its most prominent advantage lies in its lightness. Bugaboo folded volume is also very small, some small models of the trunk can be easily stuffed, so it is very suitable for mothers who need to take their babies out often.

The seat can be adjusted in both directions. This is also Bugaboo the car’s more obvious advantage, some stroller seats can only be fixed towards the front, and mothers in the back of the push it not easy to see the baby’s situation.

And Bugaboo can two-way conversion the seat to meet the wishes of mothers who want to see the baby at all times, you can choose to let the baby sit towards the front, you can also choose to let the baby face you to sit, not only can smoothly push the car but also directly observe the opposite baby’s every move, mothers will feel more at ease.

Bugaboo’s price and ordinary brand may be a little expensive, but being expensive is also justified. According to the evaluation of the mothers who have used it, Bugaboo’s workmanship and materials are feeling very good, the use of a long time will not have quality problems, and their babies can also consider reselling after use.

In addition, Bugaboo’s wheels are designed with shock-absorbing springs, although its shock-absorbing effect is not as good as for functional strollers, the shock-absorbing effect is good in the lightweight car model.

3. What is the most high-end stroller? Which brand of baby stroller is the best?

A baby stroller, as we all know, has become one of the necessary tools for parents to travel. More is a good helper to go out with a baby. Its function has been upgraded from the initial can sit and lie down to the current high value of the cool play era.

Parents who are concerned about the quality of life for the baby’s seat are naturally very attentive, when buying a stroller not only need to consider the space, fabric, accessories, etc., but also consider the weight of the stroller, design, value and so on, aimed at making the baby can comfortably lie in the stroller, but also on vacation can easily pull the wind to play handsome.

The following table is the world’s six most high-end baby strollers.

Baby Stroller Brand Name Baby Stroller Brand Description
Dutch Bugaboo Bugaboo is the brand of Hollywood celebrity strollers but is also recognized as the world’s top brand of strollers. Including the Dutch royal family, the British royal family, NBA superstars, Beckham and Hollywood singer Gwen Stefani, Hilary Duff, Madonna, Pitt and Yao Ming, Sun Li, Wu Yanzu, etc. are loyal fans of Bugaboo stroller. They travel all for their babies and choose the Bugaboo brand.

Its strollers are stylish, functional, and outstanding, enabling users to quickly grasp the principles and full functionality of the product. The most famous is this Bugaboo Cameleon 3.

British Silver Cross Silver Cross is the originator of the world’s baby strollers, creating the world’s first baby carriage, has been more than 100 years of history, and has become the British royal family stroller brand. Even the world’s top sports car Aston Martin is working with Silver Cross.

Princess Kate took the Little Prince George park ride, with Silver Cross Sleepover Elegance Body Pram. Hong Kong and Taiwan stars Ying Cai’er, Zhong Li Ti, Wu Pei Ci also bought Silver Cross products for their children.

Norway Stokke Stokke is from the Nordic countries known for its simple taste in life, Norway, it is known as the “Rolls Royce of baby strollers”, its product philosophy is “to give the best to the child”, and loved by celebrities and parents. Such as Cecilia Cheung, Chen Xiaochun, Ying Caier, Hong Tianming, Taiwan’s richest man Guo Tai Ming, Chris Hemsworth, and so on using its products.

Stokke’s most popular style called Xplory, it is currently the only baby “seat” to prevent car exhaust and dust. The design is very user-friendly, adjustable up and down, high position, double-sided facing, and convenient for the baby to eat on the go; the stroller can become two wheels when going up and down the stairs, greatly reducing the weight of going up and down the ladder, loved by many celebrity parents.

4Moms 4Moms is known as the baby stroller industry “Transformers”, become the most topical new high-tech product in the global baby products industry in 2012. Claimed to be the world’s first stroller brand that can produce charging for cell phones and calculate mileage.

This 4moms Origami electric folding baby stroller breaks everyone’s concept of a baby stroller, the main body of the stroller is made of aluminum alloy and polyester fiber, the seat part can be adjusted angle, adjustable angle of 40 degrees -72 degrees, convenient for baby lying down or sitting or standing.

Pushing the car when traveling can generate kinetic energy to self-charge, excess electricity can also be used to charge the phone.

It comes with an LCD screen, that will faithfully present the current status of the stroller and the information and will show the ambient temperature and stroller speed and walking mileage, and other information.

It can also rely on electricity to automatically fold the stroller, and open it to unfold the overall action time of about 6 seconds. There is an induction system in the seat, not automatically folded when there is a baby. American actress Denise Richards used is the most popular 4Moms Origami.

Netherlands Quinny Quinny from the Netherlands is Europe’s top baby stroller brand, it can be seen around the world, for its innovative design and won the honorary red dot design ” red dot supreme award “, loved by Hollywood stars.

It is the trendsetter of baby strollers, designed for fashionable and avant-garde young parents, the design style is avant-garde, and the overall shape of the new and different, not only to highlight the fashionable atmosphere, but also the perfect symbol of high quality of life.

The stroller in Jackie Chan’s movie “Baby Project”, which was hanging behind a car at full speed and was frighteningly intact in the end, came from Quinny.
Alessandra Ambrosio is using Quinny Moodd.

Italy Inglesina Inglesina is the luxury giant of Italian baby strollers. The young Mr. Tomas is a keen participant in various four-wheel-drive racing competitions and constantly adjusts and improves his racing car.

Eventually crossing over from engine to baby, from racing to stroller, with the encouragement of his wife Bruna. The brand values are to gather the focus, taste the dignity and enjoy the luxury.