The 10 Most Expensive Lipstick in the World

The 10 Most Expensive Lipstick in the World

Among all make-up products, lipstick has always been one of everyone’s favorite items. You can wear lipstick when you are wearing makeup or without makeup. Lipstick can enhance the aura and temperament of the whole person. There are many lipstick brands on the market. Many friends think that luxury lipsticks are more expensive, such as Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, etc. Some lipsticks are more expensive.

Today, I will introduce you to the ten most expensive lipstick in the world.

Lipstick Name Lipstick Price
Serge Lutens L’ÉTOFFE DU MAT $80
Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte Lipstick $90
Bond No.9 Refillable Lipstick Set – Astor Place $130
Custom Lips – Downtown Girl $150
Bond No.9 Lipstick Refills– Best Sellers $200
Refillable Lipstick With Diamond®Crystals -Madison Avenue $400
Refillable Lipstick With Swarovski®Crystals – Astor Place $400
Bond No. 9 Lipstick Set Of 9 $800
Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick $62,000
H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick

Serge Lutens L’ÉTOFFE DU MAT

Serge Lutens L’ÉTOFFE DU MAT

A famous French salon brand, which belongs to the Shiseido Group, is a Japanese cosmetics company. A perfume brand named after the internationally renowned perfumer Serge Lutens, the fragrance created has an oriental charm, and later he devoted himself to creating a very beautiful makeup series.

Serge Lutens is an extraordinary designer, commissioned by Christian Dior to create his makeup collection in collaboration with the most famous fashion magazines. Then, to become the Artistic Director of the cosmetics group Shiseido, not only that, but Serge Lutens is an artist who does not follow fashion trends, perfumes and make-up are necessary elements for the beauty of SERGE LUTENS.

As a result of living in Morocco for a long time, the fragrances created have an oriental charm, and later, they are more interested in creating a very beautiful makeup series.

On the basis of success, he founded his brand SERGE LUTENS. The brand embodies its sincere, daring creator, Serge Lutens, who conceived the fragrances and, to date, has created nearly 70 timeless fragrance collections: the Noire collection, Exclusive Bottles, Section d’Or, Gratte-Ciel, and more. Serge Lutens fragrances for men and women exude the personality of the wearer and reveal who they are.

Serge Lutens has also launched a makeup collection that brings together beauty essentials and a curated collection of makeup to achieve high-definition makeup.

Serge Luten’s lipsticks are only 2.3g each and are priced at $80. This little black tube is still known by word of mouth. It’s very smooth and molded in one click. It has a long-lasting finish but does not dry out. At the same time, it does not have the “greasy” feel that moisturizing lipsticks often have. In short, it’s perfect.

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte Lipstick

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte Lipstick

Christian Louboutin is a famous French high heels brand. The red-soled shoe, beloved by Hollywood actresses, is a Christian Louboutin signature. This lipstick comes in a reusable black lacquered carton jewelry box with a ribbon inside. This lipstick blends intense, rich pigments to transform your lips into a velvety matte color.

This lipstick is soft to the touch and when applied you find it to be super smooth, apply accurately and give full coverage in one go. This lip balm is effective against dryness thanks to its natural oils and seed creams.

Bond No.9 Refillable Lipstick Set – Astor Place

Bond No.9 Refillable Lipstick Set - Astor Place

The Bond No. 9 lipstick set includes a gold commemorative lipstick and an extra refill. Your set comes in a luxurious white gift box with a gold keepsake charm on the lid and Bond’s signature lip print packaging.

It’s a smart lipstick that glides on with just one swipe, and it’s the true essence of modern lipstick.

Custom Lips – Downtown Girl

Custom Lips - Downtown Girl

For the perfect personalized lip, we recommend mixing up Bond’s best-selling shade of the block. Soho, Astor Place, and Broadway create a higher-level cherry color that exudes downtown (below 14th Street) cool.

Bond No.9 Lipstick Refills – Best Sellers

Bond No.9 Lipstick Refills– Best Sellers

New York Lips Refill Collection Expand the New York Lips collection and reduce trash. A refill collection of 6 best-selling lipsticks in a biodegradable case. A quick-release luxury lip color that slides on your lips and can be applied evenly and accurately with a single stroke. The infinitely refillable Bond No. 9 luxury refill gold case is a sustainable luxury product that you can continue to use every day.

  • Chelsea, impressive red
  • Nolita, Timeless Hollywood Red
  • Gramercy Park, Cool Camel
  • Hudson Yards, Dusky Pink
  • New York Night, Deep Magenta
  • Soho, sophisticated plum

Refillable Lipstick With Diamond®Crystals – Madison Avenue

Refillable Lipstick With Diamond®Crystals -Madison Avenue

Bond No. 9 New York is the first New York perfumery to be led by a woman, and Laurice Rahme oversees the creation of the New York-centric fragrance collection.

This avant-garde downtown perfumery designs artisanal fragrances for New York’s neighborhoods and streets—from Riverside Road to Chinatown to Coney Island. Bond No. 9’s mission is to restore the artistry of perfumery and make every neighborhood in New York a scent of its own.

This lipstick is decorated with hand-applied Swarovski clear crystals. All you have to do is glide on your lips for a smooth, precise application in one go.

Refillable Lipstick With Swarovski®Crystals – Astor Place

Refillable Lipstick With Swarovski®Crystals - Astor Place

Made with the highest quality ingredients and the most innovative technology, this lipstick comes in a gorgeous refillable gold case covered with hand-applied Ruby Fancy-Stones.

Astor Place is a petal-shaped pink tulip that is one of nine signature shades in the collection. Strong, vibrant, bold, and chic, just like the women who wear them.

Although this lipstick is expensive, it is expensive in appearance and innovation! The built-in is a magnetic suction design, which will automatically hold it firmly, so there is no need to worry about losing it. There will be a lipstick core in the purchased set, which can be replaced at will, which is convenient and environmentally friendly and also saves the price of a lipstick

Bond No. 9 Lipstick Set Of 9

Bond No. 9 Lipstick Set Of 9

American salon brand Bond No. 9 was founded in 2003 by Laurice Rahme, a Frenchman who has lived in New York for 25 years. She is also a female perfumer herself. She combines the sensibilities of her native France and the New York metropolis with fragrances.

Bond No. 9 is known for high-end fragrances, I thought she would be doing high-end fragrances all her life, but she started to get into lipstick. Her lipstick formulas are long-lasting, comfortable on the lips, and have a smooth finish. Gives you a layer of full-color color that feels hydrating in just one swipe

Bond No. 9 Lipstick Set Of 9, a collection of nine red lipsticks, each named after a different area of New York City. They are Astor Place, Chelsea, Fashion Avenue, Madison Avenue, Noho, Nolita, Greenwich Village, Hudson, and Highline. Each lipstick comes in a golden refillable box that feels like a bar of gold and looks like a fine weapon, or some kind of amulet. A gold coin pendant hangs from the end of the chain.

Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick

Guerlain KissKiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick

In 2009, Guerlain made an extravagant transformation of the bottle of its best-selling lipstick Kiss Kiss, hand-encrusted by French gold and silver artisans with 199 diamonds totaling 18 carats. This lipstick series is available in 15 shades, and consumers can meet with Guerlain Design Director Olivier Echaudemaison and let him customize their lipstick color for them while enjoying the service of changing the lipstick core for free for life.

H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick

H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick

H.Couture Beauty is an American make-up brand founded in 2006, making a name for itself with its “Celebrity” collection. The most expensive lipstick in the world is the H. Couture Beauty lipstick from the United States. It forms a set with its mascara, and the price is as high as $14,000,000, which is tens of thousands of times the ordinary lipstick.

It is said that the shell of this lipstick is made of 18k pure gold, inlaid with 1200 pink diamonds, and the core is changed for free for life. The mascara shell that forms the set with the lipstick is also made of 18k pure gold and inlaid with 2,500 blue diamonds.

This lipstick is studded with Swarovski diamonds, which, like the most expensive mineral water in the world, are decorated with diamonds.

The brand has since launched a line of luxury products, with a 24/7 VIP concierge service designed for high-end guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What lipsticks do the Kardashians wear?

Her favorite KKW shades are shades 1, 2, 3, and 6. Her favorite everyday shade is KKW 90’s Icon Matte Lipstick, but she also likes to use the Creme Lipstick in shades 1 and 2 to create her own perfect ombré nude.

2. What is the rarest lip shape?

The shape of the lips is very important for the overall beauty of a person’s facial features, but many people often overlook the importance of the lip shape. A good-looking lip shape not only adds points to the facial features but can even change a person’s overall appearance. Temperament, so many lip shapes, and smiles are beautiful and rare.

The biggest feature of smiling lips is that the corners of the mouth rise slightly. Even when there is no expression, the corners of the mouth are naturally upward arcs, which look like smiling, so they are called “smile lips”. A kind and gentle feeling, which makes people feel that girls with smiling lips are particularly approachable.

Some smiling lips will also appear in the shape of an M. The lines of the lips are clear, and they will look more three-dimensional and beautiful. Compared with the advanced sense of the general M-shaped lips, the M-shaped smiling lips will be more playful and cute, full of youthful and girly feelings. Some smiling lips also have lip beads, which make the lips more three-dimensional and highly recognizable, and have an unforgettable appeal.

3. what is the most popular lipstick brand?

Lipstick is a cosmetic for lips, its main function is to give the lips a tone, emphasize or change the contour of the lips, and show more vitality and vitality. The table below is a list of the most popular lipsticks in the world.

Lipstick Name Lipstick Description
Chanel Chanel is a French luxury brand. As one of the top ten top skincare products, Chanel’s perfume can be said to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Chanel’s lipstick is one of the favorite models of many women’s friends.

The reason why it ranks first in the list of big luxury lipstick brands, which contains active collagen, which creates the most sensual plumping effect for the lips. Chanel’s lipstick is worthy of being a luxury brand in the world. After using it, your lips will feel very elastic, youthful, and full.

Saint Laurent Saint Laurent is a famous French luxury brand. Saint Laurent’s lipstick has multiple series, round tubes, square tubes, small gold bars, and so on. Saint Laurent Pure Lipstick Color No. 01 has always been the No.1 in YSL’s sales volume.

One of my favorite color numbers is an unbiased read. No matter whether it is black or white, it will not go wrong. It has its own white color. Attributes make people look white and beautiful.

I believe that people who know about lipsticks will know this lipstick, and maybe there are many people who already have such lipstick! Many products under this brand have been sold out as soon as they are sold.

The lipstick durability of this brand is Full marks, high color rendering, moist texture, and especially moisturizing formula so that the lips can remain unimaginably multiplied after application all day long. The rich texture repairs and fills lip lines more delicately, leaving lips smooth, shiny, and more radiant. It is a favorite of lipstick lovers.

Estee Lauder Estee Lauder lipsticks make it difficult for many female friends to stop their charm with its attractive colors, and this brand of lipsticks is specially customized for Asian skin tones in 16 colors, full of hyaluronic acid, three-dimensional lips, moisturizing and repairing factors. Yang power, lips elastic, moisturizing, warping, the more you sip the more plump.

It only takes a little bit to make the lips look full, and friends who want to start must not hesitate!

Guerlain, France Guerlain’s lipstick can be said to be both fashionable and delicate. Like high-heeled shoes, it captures the hearts of every female friend. After coloring, it will not only look very attractive, but the focus will be very natural.

Add a touch of brilliance to the lips. Silky smooth texture, available in a variety of different colors and poetic shades. It contains precious light reflection interfering pigments that enhance the skin’s ability to reflect light.

Christian Louboutin In 1992, designer Christian Louboutin founded the brand of the same name. The red-soled high-heeled shoes are highly sought after by women. The red sole is the most prominent symbol of CL high-heeled shoes. A pair of CL high-heeled shoes sell for a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

In 2012, the Christian Louboutin beauty line launched lipsticks that cost thousands of dollars each. Among them, Rouge Louboutin’s classic red lipstick is the most popular.

Lipstick industry “Lamborghini” – Christian Louboutin. The Queen’s Scepter lipstick is also known as CL lipstick because of the shape of the cone and the transliteration of the brand “Louboutin”. The most prominent feature of radish diced lipstick can be summed up in one word: expensive.

Tom Ford Friends who have seen Tom Ford lipstick will definitely think that the advertisement admires Thailand, and the advertisement of the lipstick series admires Tom Ford, but Tom Ford lipstick can be ranked among the top ten luxury lipstick brands in the world because of its advertisement. Mainly because TOM FORD’s lipsticks work very well, the texture is very smooth, the color is very good, and the coverage is great.
Armani Armani is a world-renowned luxury brand, and Armani red tube lip glaze is my favorite lip glaze. Its fine texture, its intense tint, its unique color. All other brands are irreplaceable. My favorite is the black tube 500, the sparkling mermaid color, the golden orange, the thin coating is the vitality orange, the thick coating is orange-red, and it is not sticky at all. How can there be such a beautiful lip gloss in this world!

Among the lipstick brands that many people come into contact with, Armani’s lipsticks may not be liked, but you can think of the most enduring product in European and American lipsticks, while giving the lips the ultimate color, the strength of lasting care is definitely a brand beyond your imagination.

Lancome Lancome is the most famous brand in many people’s minds for products such as the small black bottle, but its lipstick can be said to be beautiful!

It can be said that it has entered more in the previously popular Korean drama <Ghosts> People’s eyes, all Lancome lipstick textures are divided into three types, namely moisturizing, cream and matte, the selectivity is simply against the sky! Girls who like lipstick must check out this one, it will be beautiful To burst!

Givenchy Givenchy’s lipsticks seem to be small and fresh, but in fact, they are definitely not big names. They occupy a place in the world’s top ten luxury lipstick brands. All the lipsticks can be said to be rich in texture, which is simply exciting. Can’t be more excited!
Dior Dior is a multinational luxury brand originating from France. 999 is Dior’s signature color number, the texture is super moisturizing, and the focus is on the bright color, bright and bright.

The color rendering is very good, as long as it is lightly smeared, the red and gorgeous charm is naturally invincible, the thin coating shows ruddy teeth and white teeth, and the thick coating looks very aura, suitable for various occasions, a very positive big red.

Many people also have more perfumes than lipsticks for this brand. You must not know that. In the lipstick industry, there is a saying about Dior’s lipsticks that they are “a little too beautiful”.

The unique shape and charming colors are attracting people. A large number of fans, the girls who have used it all feel cool when rubbed on the mouth, refreshing and not sticky, creating the most sensual plumping effect for the lips. Definitely one of the best lipstick brands in the world!