Why are benchmades so expensive?

Why are benchmades so expensive?


Why are Benchmades so expensive? It’s entirely possible to build your furniture for less than the cost of a simple Benchmade knife. It’s not easy, but with a little effort, you can make something entirely custom to fit your needs and style.

Benchmade’s are generally expensive because they require hand-fitting and hand-polishing. This is in contrast to mass-manufactured knives which can be made quickly by machines. Benchmade’s are also typically more complicated in terms of design and quality due to their handcrafted nature.

Even mass-produced knives often cost more than a good forged knife. Why? Could be the same reasons, but again it’s probably because of the popularity and standardization. For example, the Benchmade auto line is quite popular. The knives are uniform and many people like them, so they have been copied by many manufacturers and the price is typically about the same, regardless of which company made it.”

Low-quality blades are another factor in the price you pay for a knife. They can be made by machine with little to no scrutiny as to whether they will cut well or not. With a mass-produced knife, the quality is a byproduct of the production process and is usually not very good. Production knives may have little or no hand-finished polish, yet are made from low-grade steel.

Highly produced knives can be sold at a much lower price, even if they lack quality or value. For example, a $300 Cabela’s All-Purpose Knife costing 2/3 as much as an equivalent Benchmade Mini Griptilian (approx $180) has far more metal in it.

Many manufacturers produce “Benchmade” which are merely simple milled stock or super-cheap stamping from overseas-made knives. These are not the same thing and often cost much less than their American counterparts. Most of the world’s lowest-cost production knives are made in China, Taiwan, or Pakistan.

All in all, they’re extraordinarily well-made and extremely functional. They have excellent ergonomics, premium materials, and tight tolerances. Unfortunately, that usually means there is a lot of handwork involved in putting one together. So, they were expensive.