Why are borka blades so expensive?

Why are borka blades so expensive?

Why are borka blades so expensive? Borka blades are a type of utility knife that comes in several sizes and shapes. They cost more than most other types of knives because they are made with high-quality materials and have specialized features that make them better for certain tasks. The ten reasons below explain why borka blades are expensive.

The top 10 reasons why borka blades are so expensive:

10. Borka Blades are a Specialty Tool

Borka blades are designed for one purpose: woodworking. They are excellent for detailed work such as cutting wood, but the blade shape is not good for chopping or other brute-force applications. Instead, borka blades excel at fine detail work and precision cuts. They come in large sizes and at low prices to allow you to buy just one or two of them instead of dozens, as with most other knives.

9. Borka Blades are Made for Woodworking

Borka blades are designed for woodworking, unlike other utility knives which were designed for general use in the workplace or at home. General-use utility knives can be used to cut many materials, but they will not work as well with wood as borka blades will. Woodworkers have special needs that other people do not; because of this, borka blades are manufactured with unique designs and materials to cater to the needs of woodworkers.

8. Borka Blades are Handmade

Each borka blade is made by hand, rather than being stamped out of a mold. This is more time-consuming and therefore more expensive than using the process of stamping. It also results in higher-quality products.

7. Borka Blades are Well-Made

In some cases, borka blades are passed down or even inherited because they are so well-made and durable. If your father or grandfather had a borka blade, chances are good that you will be able to use it for years to come without needing to replace it.

6. Borka Blades are Well-Cracked

As mentioned above, borka blades are made by hand. This means each blade is created with particular care and attention to detail. Since they aren’t stamped out of a mold, each one is cracked differently, making them more interesting and beautiful than mass-produced items.

5. Borka Blades are Highly-Polished

Because each borka blade is created by hand, the polishing process takes a long time. This means each blade has a high level of polish and results in an attractive product that you won’t mind displaying.

4. Borka Blades are Well-Designed

The handles on borka blades are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic so that your hand fits properly on the handle to allow precise control over the blade. This is not the case with other utility knives, where the handle is simply a stationary piece of plastic that you grip and press down to use.

3. Borka Blades are Elaborate

Borka blades may have several layers or coatings applied to them, making them look more elaborate and providing a higher level of durability. Coatings can prevent rust from forming on the blade, resulting in a product that looks just as new years later, while other utility knives seem to dull more quickly.

2. Borka Blades are Accurate and Precise

Although it’s not always apparent when looking at a borka blade, many tiny details make it more accurate and precise than other utility knives. For example, all the way down the blade is a fine, flat line which is known as a laser cutline. This helps to ensure that borka blades can cut precisely, cutting tasks just as well as they were cut before.

1. Borka Blades are Well-Loved

Borka blades are loved by many, so much that people keep on using them for decades. This means that the company can charge a bit more for new borka blades because the customer will continue to come back again and again, as they do with their favorite tools. Over years of ownership, you may end up saving money because borka blades are so durable.

These reasons explain why borka blades cost more than other utility knives. If you’re looking for a good woodworking utility knife, one of these would be a great choice.