Why are eo codestones so expensive?

Why are eo codestones so expensive?


Why are eo codestones so expensive? Eo codestones are the most precious commodity you can get in the world of Runescape. The item costs 100 million GP and is used by players to craft items such as armor, weapons, and potions. On their own, eo codestones serve no purpose other than crafting these items and collecting them for a profit. Due to this value, some players have started buying eo codestones from other players at incredibly expensive prices.

For example, at the time of this writing, an eo codestone costs 100m in the game or 10m gold pieces. Now that’s expensive; however, a player by the name of Xeivz has posted on the forums that he will pay 90m for one. That’s a 10m difference just to get your hands on an eo codestone! So why would someone want to pay such an outrageous price? For one thing, they can easily turn around and sell it to another player for profit. The 10m difference is way less than what they could make by selling it to someone else if they’re lucky [I’d wish them luck].

Also, players want to collect them as trophies. Some players want to make sure that they get as many codestones as they can so they can show them off to other players and make everyone envious of what they have. So, I think the answer to this question is because some people just like expensive stuff and force other people to pay exorbitant prices for what you bought on the cheap.

If you are a player that is trying to save up for an eo codestone and someone offers you 10m for it over another player, I’d say go with the one who will pay 10m more! You’ll save yourself time, effort, and money [if someone had offered me a 90m eo codestone for my 89m one I would have jumped at the deal].

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