Why are geissele triggers so expensive?

Why Are Geissele Triggers So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

Why are geissele triggers so expensive? Geissele Triggers are considered the best triggers on the market. They are also one of the most expensive triggers available. We have compiled a list of 10 reasons why they might be more expensive than other triggers to give you an idea of what you’re paying for.

The top 10 reasons why geissele triggers are so expensive:

1. Much Higher Quality Parts

Geissele triggers are more complex in design than most triggers on the market. Geissele triggers use parts of much higher quality than the competitions’ lower-end trigger groups, ie: The sear and hammer are machined from solid tool steel (a much better material to machine from) and the trigger body is CNC Machined from aluminum forging vs. a stamped sheet metal body.

2. Hand Crafted in the USA

Geissele Triggers are handcrafted in the USA. Many other triggers are manufactured around the world, most of which countries are not considered to be skilled craftsmanship countries. Geissele manufactures all their triggers in the US with American workers and quality materials, as well as any other item needed to produce their products in the US instead of importing them from overseas. Other companies attempt to do this but do not hold to American standards.

3. Laser Engraving

Geissele triggers come with a laser engraved serial number. This is a nice touch that many companies do not offer. This engraving is laser engraved and will not wear off, similar to an engraving on jewelry or firearms.


Geissele triggers come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. If you have any problems with your trigger, Geissele will fix or replace it for free no matter if you are the original owner or not.

5. Simplified Design

The Geissele trigger has a reduced number of parts inside the trigger compared to other triggers on the market, making it easier to repair yourself vs. having to send your entire trigger group off for repairs and or replacement. Geissele also offers a service for removing/installing the safety that is included in their trigger packages. This safety can be completely removed or completely replaced with another aftermarket safety if desired.

6. USGI Trigger Bow

Geissele triggers have a USGI-style trigger bow. This means that it has the same curvature as many mil-spec triggers which most people are used to the feeling by now. The trigger bow also has a slight texture on it to prevent your finger from sliding off the trigger while pulling it. This is another nice touch that other companies make you pay extra for.

7. Geissele CNC Machined Solid Steel Sleeves

Geissele triggers come with a pair of solid steel trigger sleeves that are machined from steel bar stock. The sleeves help to protect the trigger bow and will not flex like other triggers that use stamped sheet metal in this area. This design also helps to prevent any movement of the trigger group during firing or when used in conjunction with a rifle sling.

8. Custom Tuned Trigger Pull Weight

Geissele triggers come with a custom-tuned trigger pull weight. This means that the pull weight can be adjusted to your personal preference. You can also change ammunition weights to achieve a heavier trigger pull if you desire.

9. 2 Stage Trigger vs. Single Stage Trigger

Geissele triggers are 2 stage triggers as opposed to 1 stage triggers that most other companies use. The 1 stage trigger is considered the weakest trigger and is the least desirable for most situations. The 2 stage allows for a smoother, more consistent pull through the entire travel of the trigger lessening fatigue and better control over accuracy.

10. Free Shipping to US Military Personnel

Geissele Triggers can be shipped FREE to US Military Personnel. Many other companies have raised their shipping rates for these customers by as much as $300.00, making the cost of a Geissele trigger over $700.00 higher than it would have been if not for the free shipping, and sometimes even more (example; Stag).

Geissele offers the best quality triggers and accessories in the market at a reasonable price. They are oftentimes not much more expensive than other triggers that do not offer near the quality and features that Geissele triggers offer.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is Geissele trigger worthwhile?

Yes. Geissele Solid Triggers are the best triggers out there.