Why are the missing 411 books so expensive?

Why are the missing 411 books so expensive?

Why are the missing 411 books so expensive? Missing 411 is a series of books written by a retired police officer and author David Paulides that focuses on the mysteries surrounding people who go missing in national parks and other locations. The books examine cases of people who were found but not reported, people who were reported as missing but found alive, and others with no trace at all.

Starting with the 2012 publication of “Missing 411: Eastern United States” (whose Amazon ranking rose to #3 on wilder-y titles), Paulides said he was compelled to write it when he was asked about his opinion of the case in Georgia where 28-year-old Dennis Martin vanished into the now-legendary Smoky Mountain National Park in 1940. Martin’s case is still one of the most famous missing person cases in United States history, with many conspiracy theories surrounding it.

It was with that book that Paulides became known as the “king of mysteries.”

The series quickly exploded into a national phenomenon. Few books have spawned so many popular articles. If a person goes missing for any length of time, he or she is sure to be on the books, whether deliberately overlooked or just never reported at all. It’s a fascinating and compelling topic to write about, and Paulides has done an amazing job of documenting it all. The books are well-written, scholarly, and full of very interesting research into an area of interest.

The problem? They were really expensive. The number of publications is limited, the content is mainly based on real-life themes, and the content is liked by many people.

The solution? The Missing 411 Book Bundle.

Missing 411 is a fascinating topic for those who love the outdoors and national parks, but it’s also a place where you can see humanity at its darkest. These are books that will make you wonder about your fellow man and wonder how something like this could happen in America. It’s the stuff of nightmares. But more than that, it’s a story with multiple layers so fascinating that they almost scream to be documented by a film crew.

And they have been. There are multiple films in production right now as we write this article that feature some (but not all) of the information contained within these books. We’ve heard from those working on these films and unfortunately, the timeline is going to be tight. It’s a story that we’d love to see told, but it has only been a matter of time before the stars align perfectly.

And now it has.

Here’s why: The Missing 411 Book Bundle is available now. Everything you need to know about the books, what they are about, and how to get them for less than some books are sold for individually has been collected into one easy-to-navigate package. They’re even DRM-free so you can share them with anyone you want without worrying about having to get special permission to do so.

The Missing 411 Book Bundle includes 5 books for less than the cost of two, and to make it even better if you buy the bundle, we’ll include a digital download of the upcoming NEVER SEEN video (exclusive to the bundle) as well! It’s like getting 7 books instead of 5. You can’t beat that deal.

But that’s not all. The bundle has one more special feature: It’s designed so that any or all of the contents can be treated as a complete stand-alone product!

You can read any or all of these books on their own just fine without needing anything else, but some people will want to read them in order, cover to cover. With the bundle, they can get that experience without having to buy multiple books at a higher price point. There’s no risk, either. The bundled products are DRM-free and you can read them on any device you want.

Here’s what all this means:

You can now get the Missing 411 Bundle for less than the cost of two books on Amazon, and it contains everything you need to know about this fascinating topic in one place! It’s a collection of 5 books by David Paulides written to be read in any order. You’ll also get a digital download of the video “Never Seen” (exclusive to this bundle), which is a one-of-a-kind documentary that gives you a more personal look into the disappearance of Dennis Martin.

Buy it now and read it later. The Missing 411 Bundle is waiting for you in your favorite format.

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What are the missing 411 books? Who wrote the missing 411 books?

The Missing 411 books are three books by David Paulides.

The first one is titled “Missing 411: the Eastern United States & Beyond”. It talks about people who have disappeared in the Eastern United States without leaving much evidence behind. The book was originally released in 2011, but it’s updated each year to include new cases.

The second book is called “Missing 411: the Western United States & Beyond”. This one talks about people who have disappeared in the Western US, often under unusual or suspicious circumstances. This was the first book that was released, back in 2012.

The third book is called “Missing 411: California, Oregon & Washington”. It talks about people who have disappeared in the western US. This is a travel book since it moves between each state and double-back between states as well, so it doesn’t belong in any particular location. The book was released in 2013 and includes many places that you can visit while you’re reading it.