Top 10 Most Expensive Comic Book in the World

10 Most Expensive Comic Books Ever Sold

Comic books are not just for kids. They are also for collectors who are willing to pay a fortune for rare and valuable issues. Some comic books are so sought-after that they can fetch millions of dollars at auction. These are the comic books that make history and headlines, the ones that every fan dreams of owning. Here are 10 of the most expensive comic books ever sold, as of 2024.

Incredible Hulk #1 – $326,000

The first appearance of the Green Giant in 1962 was a smash hit, no pun intended. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created a new kind of hero, a scientist who transforms into a raging monster when he gets angry. The comic book was so popular that it spawned a TV show, movies, video games, and merchandise. A near-mint copy of Incredible Hulk #1 sold for $326,000 in 2014, making it one of the most expensive Marvel comics ever.

Captain America Comics #1 – $343,057

Captain America was born in 1941 when the world was at war. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created a patriotic hero who fought against the Nazis and their leader, Adolf Hitler. The cover of Captain America Comics #1 shows the star-spangled Avenger punching Hitler in the face, a bold and controversial move at the time. The comic book was a huge success, selling over a million copies. A high-grade copy of Captain America Comics #1 sold for $343,057 in 2011.

Marvel Comics #1 – $350,000

Marvel Comics #1 is the comic book that started it all. It was the first comic book published by Timely Comics, the company that would later become Marvel Comics. It featured the first appearances of Namor the Sub-Mariner and the original Human Torch, two of the earliest superheroes in comics. The comic book was a hit, selling out its initial print run of 80,000 copies. A near-perfect copy of Marvel Comics #1 sold for $350,000 in 2003.

Tales of Suspense #39 – $375,000

Tales of Suspense #39 introduced the world to Iron Man, one of the most iconic and influential superheroes of all time. Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby created a character who was a billionaire, a genius, a playboy, and a philanthropist, but also a wounded and flawed human being. Tony Stark, the man behind the armor, was a weapons manufacturer who was captured and forced to build a weapon for his enemies. Instead, he built a suit of armor that saved his life and helped him escape. A pristine copy of Tales of Suspense #39 sold for $375,000 in 2012.

Flash Comics #1 – $450,000

Flash Comics #1 was the debut of the original Flash, Jay Garrick, and the first comic book published by All-American Publications, a precursor to DC Comics. Jay Garrick was a college student who gained super speed after inhaling hard water vapors. He used his powers to fight crime and became a founding member of the Justice Society of America, the first superhero team in comics. A mint copy of Flash Comics #1 sold for $450,000 in 2010.

X-Men #1 – $492,937.50

X-Men #1 was the beginning of a revolution in comics. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created a team of young mutants who were born with extraordinary abilities and faced prejudice and persecution from society. The X-Men were led by Professor X, a telepath who taught them to use their powers for good and opposed by Magneto, a master of magnetism who believed that mutants were superior to humans. The comic book introduced iconic characters like Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Angel, and Iceman, and paved the way for future generations of X-Men. A flawless copy of X-Men #1 sold for $492,937.50 in 2012.

Batman #1 – $567,625

Batman #1 was the first comic book dedicated to the Dark Knight, who had made his debut a year earlier in Detective Comics #27. The comic book featured the first appearances of two of Batman’s greatest foes, the Joker and Catwoman, as well as classic stories like “The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge” and “The Cat”. The comic book also established Batman’s origin story, showing how his parents were murdered by a mugger when he was a child, and how he swore to avenge them by fighting crime. A near-mint copy of Batman #1 sold for $567,625 in 2013.

Detective Comics #27 – $1,075,000

Detective Comics #27 was the first appearance of Batman, the most popular and influential superhero of all time. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Batman was a dark and mysterious vigilante who prowled the night in Gotham City, a corrupt and crime-ridden metropolis. Batman was inspired by pulp heroes like Zorro and the Shadow, as well as movies like The Mark of Zorro and The Bat Whispers. He had no superpowers, only his skills, gadgets, and intellect. He was also a master detective, solving cases that baffled the police. A very fine copy of Detective Comics #27 sold for $1,075,000 in 2010.

Amazing Fantasy #15 – $3.6 million

Amazing Fantasy #15 was the first appearance of Spider-Man, the most relatable and realistic superhero ever created. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created a character who was not a perfect hero, but a normal teenager with problems and insecurities. Peter Parker was a nerdy and shy high school student who was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained amazing abilities. He learned the hard way that with great power comes great responsibility when his uncle Ben was killed by a burglar that he failed to stop. He decided to use his powers to help others, while also struggling with his personal life, school, work, and romance. A mint copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for $3.6 million in 2022, breaking the record for the most expensive comic book ever sold.

Action Comics #1 – $3,207,852

Action Comics #1 was the first appearance of Superman, the first and greatest superhero of all time. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman was a refugee from a doomed planet who was raised by a kindly couple in Smallville, Kansas. He grew up to become Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet, and secretly Superman, a champion of truth, justice, and the American way. He had incredible powers, such as super-strength, super-speed, flight, heat vision, and x-ray vision. He fought against evil and injustice, from mad scientists and gangsters to aliens and dictators. He inspired countless other superheroes and became a cultural icon. A pristine copy of Action Comics #1 sold for $3,207,852 in 2014, making it the most valuable comic book in the world.