Why are Dyson fans so expensive?

Why are Dyson fans so expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

Why are Dyson fans so expensive? Dyson fans are great, but those hefty price tags can be a little off-putting. Who wants to spend so much on something that’s meant for cooling you down when there are plenty of cheaper options? Though it’s easy to think that Dyson attaches their high prices just for the sake of being different, in reality, they have 10 really good reasons to do so.

10 Excellent Reasons Why Dyson Fans Are So Expensive:

1) Warranty – With 3-year parts and labor warranty, Dyson offers a longer guarantee than any other manufacturer out there. This warranty is also made worldwide. Many competitors only offer 1-year warranties or even less.

2) No Filter Required – Unlike cheaper fans, you won’t need a filter to use your Dyson. It uses a motor fan rather than a fan powered by blades, so there’s no need to wash. There are also no crevices or nooks which require maintenance. These are all things that will shorten the life of your fan if you’ve not got the right maintenance schedule in place. You can also rest assured that your Dyson will never overheat even if you’re using it for very long periods or have it running very often.

3) Silent Operation – All Dyson fans use thermal eduction technology making them much quieter than other models on the market today. Thermal eduction also helps the fan to stay cool even when you’re using it a lot, so it’ll be a long time before you have to worry about it starting to make noise.

4) Energy Efficiency – Dyson fans use less power than other types of fans and therefore they don’t cost as much to run. Most models consume less than ⅓ the energy of other models which will save you both money and carbon emissions over time. Some models are completely energy-efficient and will only cost you pennies per year to run.

5) Safety & Durability – Dyson fans use soft edges and frictionless surfaces to make them less likely to snag or hurt you. You’ll also find that Dyson fans can handle a lot of wear and tear as well. They are very durable and can withstand a lot of abuse, so you can be sure that you won’t be replacing them any time soon.

6) Design Flexibility – Not only do Dyson fans look good but they can be configured in several different ways to suit your needs. For example, people with limited mobility will be able to maintain the same level of comfort even when they’re lying down since their Dyson fan is so bendable. You can also convert your Dyson into a desk fan, or even use it as a floor fan or personal humidifier.

7) Versatility – While most fans only cool the air in one room, Dyson fans don’t have to be confined to a single location. You can use them in all sorts of places like your car, caravan, and office. They are also very easy to carry around for times you need extra cooling.

8) Unique Designs – Dyson fans have some of the cleanest, modern designs out there today. You won’t find any fancy gadgets or unnecessary frills, but their unique styles make them a real pleasure to look at.

9) Cleaning – With no filters or vents, there are significantly fewer parts to clean in a Dyson fan. Even when you do have to clean it you won’t need to get your hands dirty since there are conveniently located filters where dirt can be deposited and wiped away. This makes cleaning more convenient and easier than ever before.

10) Design Changes – Dyson fans have become more efficient over time by implementing design changes every year or so. Sometimes they change the whole look of their fan, or sometimes it’s just a small detail. You’ll always know what you’re getting and you won’t have to worry about falling behind on old technology in the fan world.

With so many features for the price, Dyson fans are worth every penny. The only thing stopping you from buying one is your lack of knowledge of their benefits. After reading this article, hopefully, that difference will be clear and you’ll no longer be afraid to purchase one for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How does a Dyson fan work?

The Dyson bladeless fan generates airflow by drawing in air and spinning it at high speed.

The turbine is made of a series of loops, each one with its own set of blades.

As the air enters the machine, it’s drawn into the first loop and then out to either side through guidance vanes. It emerges from these loops faster than it entered them, causing it to continue spinning even after it leaves the machine completely.

The turbine is powered by a gear train that accelerates the air past the vanes, and then through a series of blades at the very end.

This technology has been available for several years now, but it remains relatively expensive. However, Dyson is planning to make it more affordable in the future by reducing its energy consumption.

Are Dyson fans worth it?

If you’re a clean freak, then asking “are Dyson fans worth it?” is probably the right question. Fans are usually used to cool the air so that it’s not too hot, but they might also be used to evaporate moisture from skin or clothing. Fans can push hot air away and make the room cooler. Dysons have been known to create a comfortable breeze that leaves your skin feeling dry and clean. Dyson fans are worth it because they’re engineered to last for a long time, so you won’t be changing them often. They also don’t break easily, so you can throw them around and not worry about them breaking.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM01 Review:

The Dyson Air Multiplier AM01 is probably one of the most popular products in their fan category. It’s a bladeless fan that sucks in the surrounding air, creating a powerful airflow. This is helpful because it can cool down a room quickly and efficiently.

The only thing working against the Air Multiplier is that it’s not as efficient as other fans. The extra power of the bladeless design is nice, but if you need to cool an entire room, you might find something else works better.

The bladeless design also has a few drawbacks–the airflow path isn’t straight so it’s hard to direct air exactly where you want it. The Air Multiplier also starts and stops a bit more abruptly than some of the other fans.

Dyson Cool AM07 Review:

If you’re looking for a fan that can cool down a whole room, then you should probably look at the Dyson Cool AM07. This fan is very powerful and it’s capable of cooling down an entire room in minutes. However, this fan is a bit more expensive than the others so it might not be worth it if your goal is to just cool off one area of the room.

The Cool AM07 is also more powerful than the Air Multiplier, but it’s not as powerful as some of the other fans on this list. It isn’t great for cooling entire rooms, but it is really good for cooling down a very small area.
The Dyson Cool AM07 also has a different design than the other fans we’ve looked at so far (the bladeless model), which means that it may be more difficult to direct air properly.

Dyson Hot TOWER Fan AM09 Review:

The Dyson Hot TOWER is another fan that is specifically designed to cool down an entire room. It uses a similar concept to the Cool AM07 because it sucks in air and blows it out in a very forceful manner. Of course, since the fan is so big, it’s not practical for putting it on a desk like the other fans we’ve looked at so far. Instead, it’s more like a table fan with a high capacity that you’ll need to put on the floor.

This fan is more powerful than the Cool AM07 and it can cool down an entire room in minutes. This means that if your house gets hot, you should try putting this fan in your living room instead of using the air conditioner. This will help you keep cool and save money on your electricity bill as well.

The Dyson Hot TOWER is probably not worth it because the price tag is a bit too high and there are better fans out there. Still, it’s not a bad fan if you have the money to spend and you need a lot of cooling power in your home.

Dyson Hot Review:

The Dyson Hot is one of the best fans on the market right now (and also one of the most expensive). It’s a floor fan that, like the other fans we’ve looked at on this list, sucks in air and blows it out in a very forceful manner. This is why it’s better than all the others we’ve covered.

The price is also very expensive, so unless you need to cool down an entire room, there are probably better options for you. The Dyson Hot is probably not worth buying if you can’t afford it–just get one of the other options on this list and save yourself some money.