Why are yugioh duel disks so expensive?

Why are Yugioh duel disks so expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

Why are Yugioh duel disks so expensive? Everyone knows that Yu-Gi-Oh cards are expensive, but what makes them cost so much more than Pokemon cards? The answer is complicated and explains why they’re expensive. This article will explore the 10 most important reasons Yugi Cards are more expensive than Pokémon Cards.

Here are 10 reasons why Yugioh duel disks are so expensive:

1) Yugi Kreem Starter Set

In Japan, the first thing you do when you make your Yu-Gi-Oh deck is to buy a starter set. Yugi Starter Sets, or Yugioh Kreem Starter Sets (which is the most popular set), are the standard Yu-Gi-Oh starter set. They come with a starter deck, exes (dual monster cards which double your damage when you use them in battle), and a rulebook that teaches you how to play the game. The box shows all of Yami’s monsters and all of Yami’s monsters’ cards, along with a couple of new monsters in each book. Every Yugioh Kreem Starter Set box is the same. Each book costs around $12 and in total, it costs about $35 for each Yugioh Kreem Starter Set.

2) Yugi Cards are Older

The first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh aired on April 4, 2000, in Japan. It only took a year before the game was popular enough to be released in the United States. Pokémon series one did not arrive in America until September 1998 – almost four years after the games were first released over in Japan. The fact that there were four years between when the games were first released in Japan and when they came over to America, is why Yugioh cards are so expensive.

3) Less Common Cards

Because Yugi Cards are older, there are fewer of them. There are also a lot of the rarest Yugi Cards out there because people bought so many packs that they had a better chance of getting a rare card. Because Yami is one of the main characters, his cards tend to be more popular than Kaiba’s cards. Yami’s cards are rare because people would use their Kaiba Cards for a duel and their Yugi Cards for their collection.

4) Pokémon has more cards

It seems like everyone has a Pokémon deck, but how many Yugioh decks do you see? Because there aren’t as many Yugi Cards out there, they’re rarer and more expensive; so, if you want to build a good collection, expect to be spending a lot of money.

5) Yugioh has a lot of older cards

Although Yugi Cards are older, they have more old cards. The series is on its fourth series in Japan, but the U.S. only has cards from the first two series (there’s also the “Dark Legends” series, but it’s still not in the US). The oldest Pokémon card is from 1999, but last year was Yugi’s 10th anniversary in Japan. It’s only recently that the card game became more popular in Japan, and shows no signs of stopping.

6) More games for Yugi Cards

Before Pokémon had Pokémon at all, Yu-Gi-Oh had its first official game in 1998. In Japan, there are a variety of different video games and tabletop games. The official video games for both Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon are released about every year, in addition to spin-offs for each series.

7) Shipping

If you live in America and have not been to a convention or card store, you probably have not seen most of the Rarest Yugioh Cards. If you want to buy cards online or send a card internationally, expect to spend $5-10 on shipping. Shipping can be costly, especially if you’re trying to collect different cards around the world. Shipping is one of the biggest reasons Yugioh Cards are more expensive than Pokémon Cards, which do not cost anything for shipping.

8) Force of gravity

There are a lot of different factors that go into the price of Yugi Cards, but one constant thing is gravity. Every year, there are new Yugioh sets released. If you’re looking to buy cards or build a collection at eye-level, they can be pricey. Most Pokémon cards don’t have officialized limits on how many you can have; there’s no limit on how many Pokemon decks you can own.

9) The description on the back of the cards

The description on the backs of Yugioh cards is much longer than anything in the Pokémon world. The description is helpful if you have one of those decks that you don’t care about, and are just collecting them to remember a story or something like that. It’s helpful if you’re trying to tell someone about those cards without showing them exactly what they look like. If you’re looking for a card that has a certain picture or dude on the front, check the description on the back.

10) Yu-Gi-Oh’s Events

Yugioh’s events are based around winning. Unlike Pokémon, a Yugioh duel is not just about beating your opponent, but also about winning in style. All of the super rare cards like Exodia or Blue-Eyes White Dragon are what make a strong card, not how strong it is.

The highest six cards in Yugioh are Exodia, Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, The Winged Dragon of Ra, Dark Magician, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon. All of these cards are expensive. Each one costs at least $200 and up to $1,000 depending on its quality.

The most popular cards in Pokémon are Darkrai, Deoxys, Jirachi, Arceus, and Mewtwo. All of these cards are not as expensive as Exodia, but they still cost at least $40 each and up to $500 depending on their quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does a duel disk cost?

A duel disk usually costs between $8-and $12. It’s worth it to invest in a good duel disk because that way you can use it for many years and eventually get your money back from it.

Where to buy a duel disk?

Walmart, GameStop, Target

Are Spanish Yugioh cards worth anything?

A lot of people who play the Yu-Gi-Oh card game don’t play by the rules. They will do anything to win and that includes cheating or “creating” new rules. This is called YGO Spoofing, so yes, Spanish Yugioh cards are worth something if they are cards that have been spoofed with a new rule set on them – if they use real cards with spoofed rules on them then they aren’t worth anything.

How does a duel disk work?

The Duel Disk (デュエルディスク) is a special disk that allows two duelists to initiate a duel without the use of the cards. The disk comes in two halves: one blue and one red. These are connected by an energy beam which creates an unbroken field of effect around the entire contraption, effectively allowing for duels to be created in mid-air.

At the start of a duel, each player inserts their deck into their respective half of the disk. This deck is separated into three smaller decks and placed on a mechanism called an “individual card tray” to prevent illegal cards from being activated. Each card tray is only able to hold one deck of cards, so a duelist must carefully place their three separate decks into the trays. Each of the three-card trays will then feed the topmost card into an energy slot in the middle of both players’ disks. This energy slot is what activates the dueling field.

During a duel, the “front” of both disks are placed together and their respective halves are joined together by the beam. This allows for two duels simultaneously, but each player only sees what is in their opponent’s disk.

A duel will end when one player has lost all of their cards and has nothing left to add to the beam, or when both players are satisfied with their cards. At this point, the beam and disks separate, causing both players to lose any remaining cards on the field. The winner is only determined after both players complete all three of their demise.

When a duel ends, the beam will open and detach the disks from each other. The disks will continue to spin for a few seconds before falling to the ground. This is done to show that the duel has ended, but also because without some kind of energy source, it would be impossible for anyone to pick up two disks with one hand.

Duels are accomplished in a similar way to a computer’s shut down, except that neither player can interfere with the duel using their cards, and the only way to end it is by literal card destruction.

How much is a Yugioh duel disk worth?

The short answer is that it’s worth whatever you think it’s worth, but in reality, there are guides on sites like eBay and Amazon available to provide a roughly estimated range of value. If you have one deck that has never been played with before, then it could be worth anywhere from $5 to 30 dollars.