Why Is The iPad Mini More Expensive Than The iPad?

Why Is The iPad Mini More Expensive Than The iPad?

Why Is The iPad Mini More Expensive Than The iPad?

When Apple first released the iPad Mini in 2012, it was met with mixed reactions. On one hand, people were excited to see a smaller, more portable version of the popular iPad. On the other hand, the iPad Mini was significantly more expensive than its larger counterpart, causing many people to question the value of the smaller device.

So why is the iPad Mini more expensive than the iPad? There are a few reasons that contribute to the price difference between the two devices.

First and foremost, the iPad Mini is a smaller, more compact device than the iPad. This means that it requires fewer materials and less manufacturing time, which should result in a lower price point. However, the iPad Mini is more expensive than the iPad due to its premium features and high-quality components.

One of the main reasons the iPad Mini is more expensive is that it is made with a higher-quality display. The iPad Mini has a Retina display, which means it has a higher pixel density than the standard iPad. This results in a sharper, more detailed image, but it also means that the iPad Mini is more expensive to manufacture.

In addition to the premium display, the iPad Mini also has a more powerful processor than the standard iPad. This allows the device to run more smoothly and efficiently, but it also increases the cost of production.

Another factor that contributes to the higher price of the iPad Mini is the storage options. The iPad Mini is available in a variety of storage sizes, ranging from 16GB to 256 GB. The larger the storage capacity, the more expensive the device becomes. This is because the iPad Mini uses flash storage, which is more expensive than traditional hard drives.

Finally, the iPad Mini is more expensive than the iPad because of its size and portability. The smaller size of the iPad Mini makes it more convenient to carry around and use on the go, but it also means that it requires more expensive components to achieve the same level of performance as the standard iPad.

In conclusion, the iPad Mini is more expensive than the iPad due to its premium features, high-quality components, and compact size. While it may not be the most budget-friendly option, the iPad Mini is a great choice for those who value portability and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the US iPad mini more expensive than the iPad?

There are several reasons why the US iPad mini is more expensive than the iPad:

  1. Size: The iPad mini is smaller in size compared to the iPad, which means it requires fewer materials and fewer components to manufacture. However, the smaller size also means that it has a smaller screen and less storage capacity, which may contribute to its higher price.
  2. Components: The iPad mini uses newer, more advanced components compared to the iPad, which may contribute to its higher price.
  3. Marketing and branding: Apple is known for its premium branding and marketing efforts, which may contribute to the higher price of the iPad mini.
  4. Demand: The iPad mini is a newer product and may have a higher demand, which could lead to a higher price.
  5. Competition: The iPad mini may be priced higher to stay competitive with other similar products in the market.

Is an iPad mini worth it over an iPad?

It depends on your needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Size: The iPad mini is smaller and more portable than the iPad, which may be a deciding factor for those who prioritize portability.
  • Price: The iPad mini is generally cheaper than the iPad, so if budget is a concern, it may be a more attractive option.
  • Performance: Both the iPad and iPad mini offer similar performance, but the iPad may be slightly faster and more powerful.
  • Display: The iPad has a larger display than the iPad mini, which may be important for those who need a larger screen for tasks such as video editing or drawing.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you need and how you plan to use the device. If you need a larger screen and are willing to pay a little extra, the iPad may be the better choice. If portability and price are more important, the iPad mini may be the better option.

What’s the difference between an iPad and an iPad mini?

The main difference between an iPad and an iPad mini is the size of the device. The iPad is larger and has a screen size of around 9.7 inches, while the iPad mini has a smaller screen size of around 7.9 inches. The iPad mini is also generally lighter and more portable than the regular iPad. Additionally, the iPad mini may have slightly lower specs and performance compared to the larger iPad, as it is designed to be more compact and portable.

What is so special about the iPad mini?

The iPad mini is a smaller and more portable version of the standard iPad, making it easier to carry around and use on the go. It also has a high-quality Retina display and powerful hardware, making it capable of running all of the same apps and functions as the larger iPad. Additionally, the iPad mini has a long battery life and a variety of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and cellular data. Overall, it is a compact and powerful device that is perfect for those who want the functionality of an iPad but in a more portable form factor.

Is the iPad mini outdated?

It depends on what you mean by “outdated.” The iPad mini was last updated in 2019, so it is not the most recent model of iPad. However, it is still a powerful device with a modern operating system and is capable of running most apps and performing most tasks. If you are looking for the latest and greatest technology, then you may consider the iPad mini outdated. However, if you are looking for a reliable and capable tablet that meets your needs, the iPad mini may still be a good option.

Which budget iPad is the best?

The best budget iPad currently is the iPad (8th generation). It has a 10.2-inch Retina display, and an A12 Bionic chip, and starts at $329 for the 32GB model. It also supports Apple Pencil (1st generation) and has a built-in Smart Connector for connecting to a keyboard.

Which iPad is the most affordable?

As of 2021, the most affordable iPad is the iPad mini, which starts at $399 for the Wi-Fi model and $529 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

What is the life expectancy of a MINI iPad?

The life expectancy of a Mini iPad depends on various factors such as usage, care, and handling. On average, a Mini iPad can last for around 3-5 years with proper care and handling. However, if it is subjected to rough usage or mishandling, the life expectancy may be shorter. It is recommended to take care of the device and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance to extend its life.

Is iPad Air better or the iPad mini?

It ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. The iPad Air is larger and has a faster processor, but the iPad mini is more portable and has a longer battery life. Consider what you will be using the device for and what features are most important to you before making a decision.

Is the iPad mini more expensive than iPad Air?

Yes, the iPad mini is generally more expensive than the iPad Air. However, the price difference can vary depending on the specific model and storage capacity of each device.

What replaced the iPad mini?

The iPad mini was replaced by the iPad mini 5.

Is the iPad mini as good as a laptop?

It depends on what you need a laptop for. The iPad mini is a portable device with a smaller screen and less processing power than a laptop, but it can perform many tasks such as browsing the internet, checking email, creating documents, and streaming media. However, it may not be as suitable for more advanced tasks such as video editing or gaming. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Does the iPad mini work like iPhone?

Yes, the iPad mini operates using the same iOS operating system as the iPhone. This means that it has similar features and functions to the iPhone, such as the ability to make phone calls, send text messages, access the internet, download apps, and use various features like a camera, GPS, and touch screen. However, the iPad mini is larger and may have different or additional features compared to the iPhone.

What are the pros and cons of an iPad mini?


  • The compact size makes it easy to carry and use on-the-go
  • Long battery life allows for extended use without needing to charge
  • Wide range of apps and games available through the App Store
  • High-quality display and camera for browsing, streaming and taking photos


  • Limited storage options compared to larger iPads
  • May not have as powerful processors as larger iPads, leading to slower performance
  • Limited accessory options, such as keyboard cases
  • May be more expensive than other tablets with similar features

Why are iPad minis so slow?

There are a few reasons why an iPad mini may be slow:

  1. Age: As with any device, the older it gets, the slower it may become. This is because it may not have the same processing power as newer models and may have accumulated more data and files over time, which can slow it down.
  2. Outdated software: If the iPad mini is running an outdated version of iOS, it may not be optimized for the device’s hardware and may cause it to run slower.
  3. Insufficient storage: If the iPad mini’s storage is full or nearly full, it may struggle to run smoothly and perform tasks quickly.
  4. Overuse: If the iPad mini is being used excessively or for resource-intensive tasks, it may become slow.
  5. Hardware issues: If there are any hardware issues with the iPad mini, it may also cause it to run slowly.

Can I use an iPad mini as a phone?

No, an iPad mini cannot be used as a phone. It does not have a cellular connection or phone capabilities. It can only make phone calls through a Wi-Fi connection using a third-party app like Skype or Google Voice.

Why did Apple stop mini?

There are a few reasons why Apple stopped producing the mini line of devices:

  1. Lack of demand: The mini devices were never as popular as the larger iPhone and iPad models, and as a result, Apple decided to focus on producing devices that had higher demand.
  2. Competition from larger devices: As smartphones and tablets became larger and more powerful, the mini devices started to feel outdated and less competitive. This may have led Apple to believe that the mini line was no longer a viable option for their product line.
  3. Changes in technology: The mini devices were designed with smaller screens and less powerful processors, which may have been attractive in the past but became less appealing as technology advanced. Apple likely saw more value in investing in devices with more advanced technology rather than continuing to produce the mini line.

Overall, it seems that Apple stopped producing the mini line due to a combination of factors, including changes in consumer preferences and technological advancements.

Can an iPad last 10 years?

An iPad can last for 10 years, but it will depend on several factors including how well it is cared for, how much it is used, and the quality of its components. Some iPads may experience hardware or software issues that could shorten their lifespan, while others may continue to function well beyond the 10-year mark. It is important to regularly update the operating system, keep the device clean and free of damage, and not overuse or abuse it to extend its lifespan.

Which iPad to buy for students?

For students, the best iPad to buy is likely the iPad (2020). It has a good balance of features and affordability and is perfect for taking notes, doing research, and completing assignments. It also has a long battery life and is lightweight, making it easy to carry around campus. However, if you need more power and features, you may want to consider the iPad Pro or iPad Air. Just keep in mind that these models will likely be more expensive.

How often should I replace my iPad?

It is generally recommended to replace your iPad every 3-4 years. However, this can vary depending on your usage and how well you maintain the device. If you notice that your iPad is slowing down or experiencing more technical issues, it may be time to consider replacing it. You can also check with Apple for their recommended replacement schedule for your specific model of iPad.

Do iPads last as long as MacBooks?

In general, iPads do not last as long as MacBooks. MacBooks typically have longer lifespans due to their more powerful hardware and ability to handle more demanding tasks. iPads are designed more for lightweight, portable use and are not as durable as MacBooks. However, with proper care and maintenance, both devices can last for several years.