The 10 Most Expensive Supreme Items

The 10 Most Expensive Supreme Items

British James Jebbia came to the United States in the 1980s, working for six years at the New York hipster store Parachute before becoming involved in the founding of skateboard brands Union and Stüssy. 1994 saw the 30-year-old Jebbias start Supreme in New York with $12,000 of his own money, still doing skateboarding. In the beginning, he only sold simple T-shirts and hats. All by word of mouth, skateboarding youth gradually in a small circle of attention.

Supreme’s design style is not special, but still conveys a kind of “cool”. Supreme’s products fit this need, and its logo features a red-on-white note that directly references the artist Barbara Kruger’s series satirizing consumer culture.

Supreme’s products were initially sold in limited quantities, with similar releases each week, due to cost considerations, but this ensured that the products did not run out of stock and inspired consumers to snap them up. supreme quickly attracted a group of young people in their late teens and early twenties, and before each new release, they would engage in heated discussions on forums about which products might be the first to sell out.

In a 2009 interview with Interview magazine, Jebbia said, “Our products are the same every season, but we keep an eye on what’s trending around us these days. I like to focus on things that have a fresh feel, but also feel that, somehow, there’s always a sense of the early 1990s that has to be preserved. That era did have a deep impact on us, and everything we do is related to that era.”

Supreme would frequently collaborate with artists and celebrities, as well as brands like Levi’s and Vans, a form of co-branding packaging that would later become widely used, and which Supreme had already started using in 1994.

Today, I will introduce you to the ten most expensive supreme items.

Supreme Items Name Supreme Items Price
Supreme x Everlast heavy bag $17,000
Supreme Original Donald Trump T-shirt $23,000
Supreme x Spalding Basketball $25,000
Supreme, Artek Aalto Tank 400 Chair $30,000
Supreme x Louis Vuitton backpack $35,000
Supreme Stern Pinball Machine $38,000
Supreme “MONOGRAM” skateboard $50,000
Supreme x Louis Vuitton skateboard $88,000
Supreme x Louis Vuitton Pudsey Bear $111,000
Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk $125,000

Supreme x Everlast heavy bag –  $23,000

Supreme x Everlast heavy bag -  $23,000

Everlast was born in the Bronx, New York, USA. A major business of the brand is sports equipment. In 1917, young boxer Jack Dempsey recommended boxing to Jacob Columbus and invited him to design enough to withstand 15 Headgear and gloves for a fierce boxing match. Everlast became famous in 1919 when Jack Dempsey won the world heavyweight boxing title wearing them.

Pictured above is a boxing sling that Supreme has teamed up with Everlast. This boxing professional item was sold out as soon as it hit the shelves.

Supreme Original Donald Trump T-shirt  –  $23,000

Supreme Original Donald Trump T-shirt  -  $23,000

I’m sure you’re used to the hype surrounding Supreme, and there have been a lot of amazingly expensive items that have been created from earlier classic pieces. Time back to 2003, Andrei Molodkin and Supreme on the creation of a topic-laden co-branded series, when the production of the Sample single success in the recent re-exposure.

But this time, the price of the single piece is going to surprise you, with a price of $23,000 after the sale. The value of this Sample collection is naturally undeniable, with Meg Ryan’s print embellishing the front first and the pattern on the back featuring the head of today’s US President Donald Trump. But whether the collector’s value of this nearly $23,000 item can be matched, I believe, is a matter of opinion.

Supreme x Spalding Basketball  –  $25,000

Supreme x Spalding Basketball  -  $25,000

The Supreme x Spaulding basketball was released in 1996 when only 70 of them were sold, making it one of the rarest items available today, so the owner of the basketball pictured is bidding $25,000 on second-hand marketplace Grailed. $25,000 for a basketball Many people can’t believe it. Even if you are a powerful Supreme collector, I am afraid you are not willing to pay such a high price?

Supreme, Artek Aalto Tank 400 Chair  –  $30,000

Supreme, Artek Aalto Tank 400 Chair  -  $30,000

Alvar Aalto (1898-1976), a modern Finnish architect, design master, and artist, is also an advocate of humanistic architectural theory and organic design. He is one of the most important designers in the history of modern design and the first world-recognized Nordic international design master.

Aalto’s homeland, Finland, is a duality of forest and city, tranquility and noise. The romanticism of Finland’s “natural city” is also naturally reflected in Aalto’s architectural design.

Streetwear brand Supreme has released its version of the Alvar Aalto 400 Tank Chair, covered in custom fabrics based on Robert Indiana’s iconic love artwork.

The 400 Tank Chair was designed by the Finnish designer for Artek in 1936 and formed part of Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

The chair features wide, sculptural armrests formed by a curved plywood frame – a feature of Aalto Furniture Design.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton backpack

Supreme x Louis Vuitton backpack

The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Christopher Red Backpack is a stylish structured bag. It comes with adjustable leather shoulder straps, leather top handles, flap opening, stud and drawstring closures, and several interior pockets. It also features durable Epi leather, which debuted in 1985 as Louis Vuitton’s first permanent leather collection and undergoes a special dyeing process that increases the vibrancy of the color.

Combining Louis Vuitton’s brand heritage with Supreme’s unique and cool style, the Supreme collaboration with Louis Vuitton is highly anticipated. Featuring a variety of leather goods, their collaboration debuted at the Louis Vuitton menswear show in Paris in the fall of 2017.

According to Louis Vuitton, Christopher’s backpack “evokes the rugged spirit of a mountaineering bag. Featuring the Futura Heavy Oblique white Supreme logo, this coveted Louis Vuitton x Supreme Christopher backpack has enough interior space to hold a variety of items.

Supreme Stern Pinball Machine  –  $38,000

Supreme Stern Pinball Machine  -  $38,000

Stern Pinball is a very old pinball company that was founded around 1930.

If you’re the owner of a Supreme store, no doubt your main goal some time ago was how to get a Supreme co-branded pinball machine to put in your store as your store treasure; if you’re just an ordinary Supreme lover, you probably haven’t had the chance to see the real pinball machine yet.

As the most important product of Supreme 18 S/S WEEK 14, the Supreme x Stern Pinball Machine, which is limited to 200 units worldwide, has attracted a lot of attention even before it was released. However, neither the high launch price nor the more exaggerated speculation price can stop some people from wanting him, not long ago, Luo Zhixiang posted a photo of him and this Supreme co-branded pinball machine on his personal INS.

In addition to Luo, another “simple” trend lover, JJ Lin, also posted his Supreme x Stern Pinball Machine on his INS and showed 2 of them at once.

At the same time, JJ Lin also put the text: ” I need a challenger ! “, I wonder how many people think they can compete with him? But the premise is that you have to have a Supreme pinball machine first.

Supreme “MONOGRAM” skateboard  –  $50,000

Supreme "MONOGRAM" skateboard  -  $50,000

In 2000, Louis Vuitton sent a warning letter to Supreme for a series of products that used a mix of Louis Vuitton logos. Supreme had already collaborated with Vans and used artists such as Jackson Pollock and Keith Haring to design its products, but it was still an underground band.

Vuitton, on the other hand, is a century-old French luggage brand, which began its foray into ready-to-wear in 1997 with the appointment of Marc Jacobs as creative director – a time when Supreme was still a new and unknown brand. Vuitton didn’t know who the unknown person was who was using its most valuable floral motifs to recreate and profit from them.

After receiving a warning letter, Supreme withdrew the collection. After that, the two brands continued to develop separately and never crossed paths again. This skateboard was made at that time.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton skateboard  –  $88,200

Supreme x Louis Vuitton skateboard  -  $88,200

Ten years went by in a flash. At that time, the task of brands like Supreme was to recreate traditional classics without official permission, while the task of brands like Louis Vuitton was to defend the classics that were the lifeblood of the brand and a household name.

In 2017, Louis Vuitton’s then Director of Menswear, Kim Jones, made a decision that would have been unthinkable a decade ago, announcing an official partnership with Supreme at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. For some, this marked the end of an era: streetwear was no longer a niche hobby, and fashion luxury brands were no longer just for the wealthy.

But at the same time, it undoubtedly marks the beginning of a new era in fashion: a new era in which such collaborations are a necessary tool to increase brand relevance. Luxury fashion brands realize that their survival depends on the approval of the general public. Streetwear also recognizes that they have the ability to leverage these hard-won official collaborations to make more money than ever before.

Although it is not new to play special cooperation in recent years, as a global trendy brand in a very high position of Supreme, meet the luxury industry leader Louis Vuitton, obviously both from the topic and collection value is another unprecedented, more is said to be the 21st-century fashion luxury level of the highest joint series!

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Pudsey Bear  –  $110,000

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Pudsey Bear  -  $110,000

French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton menswear art director Kim Jones has recently joined the BBC Children in Need project and created a special edition Supreme x Louis Vuitton bear for the brand.

In addition, Louis Vuitton also brought a navy blue bear ears hood, which was demonstrated by supermodel Edie Campbell. The collection was demonstrated by supermodel Edie Campbell.

The Supreme x Louis Vuitton bear will be auctioned off on the BBC Children in Need website, with the proceeds going to help children in need.

It’s a beautiful thing, but once again, this overpriced doll shows us the craziest side of the trend.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk  –  $125,000

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk  -  $125,000

Before Louis Vuitton single-handedly built its current empire of fine art, it returned to the brand’s original starting point, which was luggage. Some people say that looking at a handbag can reveal a person’s personality, and the 1921 Louis Vuitton ad title “Show me your luggage and I’ll tell you who you are,” is perhaps quite an apt metaphor, and the brand’s luggage has long established a reputation for practicality and elegance over the years.

It is even out of the travel and connected with “home”, combined with its own proud Objets Nomades home decoration series, to create Savoir Faire craft, in addition to the memories of carrying luggage, Louis Vuitton hard suitcase has endless, unexpected uses!

There is no doubt that the Trunk, a collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton, is by far the most expensive Supreme item on sale, retailing at around $125,000 and available in a very small quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Supreme a waste of money?

If you buy within the scope of your own spending power, it is not a waste of money. This is a trendy culture, and you pay for the culture.

2. Did Supreme sell a brick?

Yes, a $30 brick sold by Supreme was snapped up within minutes, it would really cost a total of $4,704,000 to build a house with this brick from Supreme.

3. Why is LV Supreme so expensive?

Supreme’s price is not too expensive, to be fair, and is very reasonable for a street brand. But unfortunately, the price of this collaboration is priced at the level of LV, and the clothes are made according to the standard of luxury.

If you’re a little concerned or consuming LV customers will feel that the sale price is reasonable, and not because of the cooperation with street royalty and deliberately raise the price, the sale price for the usual occasional consumption of luxury clothing friends should be considered acceptable price within the consumption capacity.

This time the collaboration aside, there are still too few people who can buy LV clothing without the burden, so we will feel expensive. But on the other hand, this is LV after all! There is no reason why it should not be expensive!