Why are Friedman amps so expensive?

Why Are Friedman Amps So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

Why are Friedman amps so expensive? Friedman amps are the most expensive amps on the market, with a range of prices starting at $2,500 for the small 2-channel. What makes them so expensive? That’s what you’ll find out in this post.


Here are some of their top ten reasons why Friedman amps are so expensive:

1. Handmade Craftsmanship

To make one amp speaker requires up to 50 hours to handmake by a skilled craftsman. This amount of craftsmanship and quality is found in no other amplifier.

2. Complex Design

Even though the amp is small, it has a comprehensive design that makes it unique from its competitors. Friedman amps are the only amplifiers using Gallien Krueger Bt-500 active speakers, which make for one smooth-sounding amplifier.

3. Heavy-Duty Build Quality

Friedman amps are built with heavy-duty metal alloys from world-renowned manufacturers such as Delrin and Teflon. The solid-state rectifier is comprised of a beefy Nichicon 470uF High Frequency and 2,000uF Low-Frequency Capacitor Group coupled with an individual 1000 watt power supply.

4. Innovations

They are proud to say that they were the first-ever amplifier company to offer a fully active subwoofer outfitted with an Electronic Crossover Network. This allows users to adjust any level of bass frequency without losing clarity or quality of sound.

5. Top of the Line Components

With a cleaner and stronger output, Friedman amps are equipped with 4 high-end power modules: The power supply, bridge rectifier, variable line transformer, and variable bass control. This is done to maximize the performance of the amp.

6. Audio Grade Cables

All wires are made with the highest quality speaker cables. With gold-plated terminals, you’ll be able to get better connections throughout your amp as well as purer sound quality.

7. High-Quality Tone Controls

Having the ability to change the sound of the amp is a very important feature. Friedman amps are equipped with a custom 4-band tone control that gives you more control over your sound.

8. Feedback Prevention System (FPS)

To protect your speakers, Friedman amps come with an advanced FPS system that eliminates any possible feedback. It’s an electronic circuit that stops the amp once it detects distortion. This added feature is not found in other amps.

9. Beautiful Case

The Friedman amplifier case is made with a unique and beautiful design that gives your amp a sophisticated look. It features a brushed stainless steel finish, round corners with an arched top, and an elegant handle.

10. Stereo Inputs

If you’re looking for an amplifier that can be used as both a subwoofer amp and a 2-channel amplifier, the Friedman A100 is the perfect model for you. It comes with two 1/4 inch auxiliary stereo inputs.

But what’s most important is the sound quality. Friedman amps are made to produce crisp, clear, and natural-sounding sounds that you won’t be able to find in other amps. This unique and special sound is made possible through the use of their hand-selected Gallien Krueger Bt-500 speakers. These speakers have a warm and full sound quality that makes for an optimal listening experience.

The Friedman amp set offers the following specifications:


Two-layer 18V lithium battery with a maximum life cycle of 10,000 hours. Four soft sponge-type batteries are required for this amp and will last you up to 3 years.


These controls allow you to change the sound of your amp by adjusting the bass level, treble sound, and volume control. It’s just like having multiple amps in one box.


This allows you to adjust the bass level. The bass setting allows you to choose between a normal sound, rich bass sound, and extra-low bass sound.


This allows you to adjust the treble level. The treble setting allows you to choose between rich and clear sounds.


This allows you to change the volume level of your amp by adjusting the preset volume level, gain control, and input levels. It’s just like having multiple amps in one box.


The frequency response of the amp is 10HZ-20KHZ. The amp provides a smooth and natural sound with plenty of depth and warmth.


The inputs allow you to connect most music players such as computers, iPods, DVD players, and other gadgets that have 3.5mm plugs. It even includes a headphone jack.


The amp features a separate subwoofer output with a frequency response of 20-200Hz. You can also use it as a mono or dual mono amplifier or connect it to an external subwoofer.


There are two input jacks for each channel for stereo and mic/line inputs respectively. There’s also a microphone and line-level input.


This Subwoofer output allows you to connect any subwoofer and it features two separate inputs.


If you have an MP3 player or a CD player, this is your best bet for getting the sound of your music. You can connect it to the amp using the stereo RCA cables. It’s a good alternative for those who want to listen to their music without the use of an iPod or any other music player.


The amp comes with a lot of extras including two sets of RCA cables, one set and two sets of speaker cables, and two sets of power cables. It also comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty that gives you customer satisfaction. The company is very happy in saying that they have never had any reported cases of their amps breaking down.