Why is the magnolia pearl so expensive?

Why is the magnolia pearl so expensive?


Why is the magnolia pearl so expensive? Magnolia pearls are a rare and unique gem. They, like all pearls, are the result of an oyster working to protect itself from the irritation caused by a grain of sand or similar irritant which enters its shell. The pearl begins as a small layer of nacre in an organic secretion that builds up around the irritant – and it has been found within saltwater oysters in Australia.

Magnolia pearls have long been held as one of the most expensive gems in history – with a single one worth more than some villas on this planet. But why? What is so special about them that makes them so valuable? Surely there must be something about magnolia pearls that entice collectors worldwide.

Magnolia pearls are indeed very rare and have been called the “ultimate pearl” by some. They are grown and harvested in Australia, specifically from a particular variety of oysters known as the Golden Coast Pearls – or, more simply, the Australian Oyster.

As well as being the only known source of magnolias in the world, these oysters inhabit only two areas of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – one on the eastern side of Sydney Harbour and another between Townsville and Cairns. The Australian pearls are also classified as an Australian Natural Heritage jewel due to their rarity.

Another rarity of the Australian magnolia pearl is the fact that they are true pearls. This is because they are created by an irritant – which in the case of a true pearl is unlike those found in ‘cultured’ pearls. Cultured pearls are grown by placing a bead into an oyster and leaving it there – essentially forcing the oyster to create a layer of nacre around it. The Australian pearls, however, occur naturally and can be harvested without any outside interference at all.

The size of the magnolia pearl (called the nacre) varies from 50 to 70 microns. This means that the luster of the magnolia pearls can vary from a slight milky iridescence to a harsh, opaque look. They are also highly prized for having unusual colors – most notably red and natural yellow – with rare combinations also possible.

As well as for their beauty, magnolias are known for their rarity and exclusivity. Rarely are they found in collections – meaning that genuine Australian pearls could be worth more than £100,000 each! Naturally, there is a high demand for them at the moment and prices have increased sharply over recent years.

To put this into context, the set of pearls worn by Princess Diana on her wedding day in 1981 was valued at £250,000 in 2008 and since then has been estimated to have risen in value by over ten-fold. This same set of pearls also includes an exquisite pearl tiara. The tiara alone is worth nearly £300,000! As well as this, the genuine Australian magnolias were estimated to be worth more than €83 million (£65 million) in 2013 – but they remain a very rare and very expensive item.

There are hundreds of stories around the world regarding their value – but none of them is more intriguing than that which surrounds two sisters called Matilde and Isabella Cappellini. In 1881, these two sisters inherited one of the most exclusive and sought-after collections of unique magnolia pearls in the world. As well as their strand of magnolia pearls, they also inherited a collection of Italian Imperial Jewels – a collection that was originally owned by Empress Eugène, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The main prize in this collection was a necklace made exclusively for Empress Eugène which included several rare and very expensive gemstones.

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